by Ales Patrick Krivanek,

Ravenstein Gem Co.

In 2011 Randy and David split the PANA mine into two halves. David Wheatley kept 5 claims under a new Sunstone Butte name. Randy retained 4 claims under the original PANA mine name.

Ales Patrick Krivanek of Ravenstein Gem Co. purchased the mine in early 2017. Due to personal reasons, Ales, sold all 4 PANA Mine claims to Sun Summit Sunstones LLC in May 2019. Part of the sales contract was further access to quality rough on top of existing stock accumulated in 2017-2019. Ravenstein Gem Co. is therefore able to supply high-quality rough and thousands of precision cut gems in all colors, sizes and styles. Our gems are precision hand faceted in Europe by our own group of highly skilled master cutters, and many specially selected gems are faceted by some of the best, American cutters and carvers like John Dyer, Darryl Alexander, Douglas Mulling and many others.

For more information please visit ravenstein-germany.com and OregonSunstoneGuide.com websites.


PANA mine with its exciting Cuprian Labradorite finally pushed the Oregon Sunstone to the forefront of the gemstone industry, together with gems like Sapphire, Aquamarine, Tanzanite, Emerald and Spinel.


 NOTE: The term "Butte Basin" is a made-up name which actually refers to Eagle Butte region (PANA and/or Sunstone Butte mines).


PANA mine Cuprian Oregon Sunstone for sale at: ravenstein-germany.com